Aderia glass Sun Moon Stem Pair Set Wine Glass


Use modern technology and methods to copy ancient Japanese culture and design into glassware. It is an antique gemstone with a modern and cool texture, with golden patterns dancing on the glass surface, sparkling like crystals. The glass surface is finished with a cool texture through special technology (sleet treatment).

This is a glass with the traditional Japanese pattern "Sun and Moon". The golden circle represents the sun, and the silver circle represents the moon. In repeating the pattern of drawing the sun and the moon. The craftsman integrates the feeling of "I hope you use high-quality products not only on special days, but also in daily life." into the product.

*The stem is carefully painted one by one by Japanese lacquer masters.

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Capacity 210 ml Opening diameter 50mm Height 186mm Maximum width 66mm

Inner shell size 210 *148*80mm

The product uses gold, platinum and lacquer. Please avoid using it in a dishwasher dryer because it may fade. When washing, it is recommended to wash your hands gently.

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