DAEWOO S19 Smokeless Oven


South Korea's Daewoo launched the latest S19 smokeless oven. This smokeless oven uses an innovative grill pan heating tube integrated design, so that the entire grill pan can be heated without dead ends, and the heat can be converted evenly. There is no need to frequently flip the food during grilling. The product's dual smoke control core design adopts internal circulation to absorb oil fume and water-cooled filtration technology. There are 40 vertical air suction ports on the side, which can quickly inhale and smoke. Aluminum alloy shell, narrow frame design on four sides, larger capacity than previous barbecue. In addition, the latest LED panel design makes the control more convenient and easy to use.


Product selling point:

* Double smoke control core

It adopts internal circulation oil fume absorption and water-cooled filtration technology. There are 40 vertical air suction ports on the side for fast air suction. After the oil fume is inhaled into the machine, it will be compressed and polymerized. Oil fumes generated when the equipment is in operation.


* LED panel design, easier to operate

The intelligent panel temperature adjustment and control can be easily adjusted to the desired temperature suitable for different foods.


* Heat collecting reflector

Supplement the temperature of the baking pan upwards and keep the temperature locked, so that the nutrition, moisture and meat quality of the food are locked, and the taste is fuller.


* Removable for cleaning

The five main parts of the main unit are all removable, and the non-stick coating of the bakeware ensures quick and easy cleaning.


* Hidden heating tube design

When grilling, the grease will not come into contact with the high-temperature heat source, reducing the formation of oil fumes, and reducing the risk of burns when replacing the grill.


* Oil guide hole design

When grilling, the excess fat of the food will flow into the oil pan from the oil guide hole to avoid repeated frying with old oil, which is delicious, healthy and not greasy.


* The four-side frame is narrowed and the capacity is larger

Allows to cook multiple foods at the same time, family and friends dinner artifact.


* Aluminum alloy shell design

Body aluminum alloy design, more sturdy and durable.


* Comes with two barbecue plates: one flat plate and one net plate, which can be replaced at will, no need to buy another one.

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Product Specifications

Product name: DAEWOO smokeless oven

Item model number: S19

Rated voltage: 220V~240V

Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Rated power: 1500W

Product size/weight: 510x310x150mm/about 6kg

Package size/weight: 530x377x 218mm/about 7.6kg

Place of Origin: China

Product material: aluminum alloy (baking plate) aluminized plate (reflecting plate)

Power plug: British standard three-pin plug

Safety certification: CE

Color: white, blue, purple, pink


Package Contents:

1 x oven host

2 x baking pans (one flat and one mesh)

1 x Glass Cover

1 x UK power cord

1 x Manual (Traditional and English)


● Please refer to the actual product for the weight and size of the product. The above information is for reference only, and the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes.

● The operating principle of this product is to use air circulation technology and hidden fan design to reduce the oil fume generated during the operation of the equipment.


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