DAEWOO SG13 Smokeless Oven


- The shell is designed with pink rounded corners, cute and stylish

- Using water-cooled fume purification technology to quickly settle oil fume, achieve less oil and less smoke and be healthier.

- Note-style progress panel, six-speed temperature adjustment, free timing

- The full window glass cover is covered with glue, which has good airtightness and strong visibility. The hand-pulling position of the glass cover can be placed upright on the countertop

- One machine with two trays, frying tray and baking tray, detachable, easy to clean

- Side-drawn water storage box design, hidden at the bottom, easy to clean

- The frying pan is ceramic-coated for easy cleaning

- Integrated winding design for more convenient storage

- Bilateral circulating air vents for better smoking effect

- Passed the test of the international authoritative TUV verification agency: CE certification is safe and reliable

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