KUTANI Ware Size 6 Flower Vase


Kutaniyaki Artist:Kintama Nakada (3rd generation)

Kutaniyaki traditional technique Grain-uchi Highest Technique Holder

Kutani Yaki gold label (Base: Ishikawa Prefecture, Decoration: Kutani Yaki production area)

Material: porcelain

Size:15.5 cm (diameter) X 18 cm (height)

Box: Paulownia box with string thread

Nakata Kintama is a master of the traditional Kutaniyaki technique of blue grains, which became popular from the end of the Meiji Era (1868-1912) to the beginning of the Taisho Era (1912-1926).

The heaping up of dots called "chibu" (grains) on the ground color is universally recognized for its dignity and elegance.

Ordinary blue grains are struck in irregular positions, but Nakada Nishikidama's grains are struck in whorls and blue ocean wave patterns, and the use of the kinzori technique gives them a completely different three-dimensional effect and style.

Furthermore, the uniformity of the size, color, and spacing of the grains is truly divine.

It is no wonder that he was honored with the production of the tea utensil with lid [gold arabesque on yellow ground] used by His Majesty the Emperor when he came to Kagoshima Prefecture.

This vase is also a work in which the true value of Nakada Nishiki-Tama is demonstrated by the highly sophisticated swirling blue grains and gold heaping.

It is a gem that can be displayed at home or given as a gift.

*The color*pattern may vary from piece to piece. Please understand this in advance.

Vendor Preparation time: about 1 month

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