Nathome NDG134 Multifunctional Cooking Pot

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- Multi-function in one pot: The multi-function pot can be switched flexibly, hot pot, fried meat, and snacks can meet various cooking needs, and one pot can be used for multiple purposes. It is equipped with a 3.5L deep pot, a long frying pan, a small meatball pan and a hamburger disc, which can meet the needs of the whole family. cooking needs

- Split and detachable: the detachable pot body is easy to clean, and the electric cooker can say goodbye to complicated procedures. Food 8H original standard ceramic layer, cooking is more convenient, safer and more secure

- Minimalist storage: Continental minimalist style design, slim body, separate storage of the pot body, no space for home use, minimalist storage is more comfortable

- Quick heating 'don't pick the pot': 1300W high-power quick heating, 650W energy-concentrating quick heating on the left and right without waiting, different from the tubular heating of traditional electric cookers, avoiding uneven temperature and inconvenient cleaning.

- Dual zone independent temperature control, surface heating evenly, left and right zone temperature control, dual knob operation, energy saving

- Anti-stick coating: The frying pan is coated with ceramic glaze that meets the brand standard, and the thermal compensation temperature control technology effectively controls the heat and reduces oil smoke

- Simple operation: adjustable button to control the temperature, meet the cooking temperature requirements of different foods, the temperature control feedback is fast, and the cooking is easier

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Product parameters

Product name: Multifunctional cooking pot

Item model number: NDG134

Rated power: 1300W

Rated voltage: 220V~240V

Product size: 405*255*155MM

Product weight: 3.5KG


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