O°AIRJECT full package


Inspection and certification, the body is light, and it is charged by USB, which is easy to carry

30ml capacity, can be used continuously for 60 minutes

Suitable for outdoor, indoor, and car use

Disinfect and sterilize the surface of objects up to 99% within 10 seconds

UBC University research evidence, certified by the Manufacturers Association

Suitable for all types of pets in any environment

Due to supplier issue, stock will available around mid to end of Apr, special offer until 31 Mar.

This pack contains

O°Airject MyJect Portable
x 1
O°Airject Project 1.0 nebulizer
x 1
O°Airject Sanitiser Space Sanitiser - Ready to Use 1000ml
x 1
O°Airject Sanitiser Space Sanitiser - Standard Pack
x 1
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