Wulikaa Negative Ion Magic Hair Dryer


Wulikaa Magic Negative Ion Hair Dryer allows you to enjoy professional-grade hair, healthy and long-lasting styling at home

The effect is far better than other hair dryers. The advanced powerful airflow combined with negative ions can reduce static electricity in the hair, thereby reducing the frizz caused by static electricity in the hair.

Leaves hair smoother and shinier, locks in moisture and says goodbye to frizz

1800 high power and extremely fast drying, you can save a lot of time, there are three levels of air temperature adjustment, the details are beautiful, plus there is a 180-degree rotation and folding, there is no problem with home travel.

- 1800w RPM, 3 minutes to dry hair

- Tens of millions of negative ions repair and close damaged hair cuticles, effectively lock in moisture, and make hair softer and smoother

- Nourishes split ends and says goodbye to frizzy hair

- Three-speed air temperature adjustment

- 180 degree rotation and folding, easy to carry

- The back cover is easy to remove and easy to clean

- The bus is two meters long

- Comply with Hong Kong IEC safety standards

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