DAEWOO Daewoo's new DY-BM05 juicer has a compact body, quiet operation, and slow screw pressing to make pure juice with zero residue, without causing oxidation of nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the silky and delicate taste of juice.


-95% high pure juice rate:

The virgin is thorough enough, no need for repeated pressing

- silent operation

≤65DB silent operation

- Antique screw pressing slow extraction:

Soft and hard fruits and vegetables can be easily squeezed in seconds, without jamming

-Small, light and easy to store:

It can store the receiving cup/slag receiving cup, which is convenient for storage and does not occupy space

- No metal filter

Abandoning the traditional metal filter screen, using innovative strip filter holes, the taste is more pure, ensuring that the juice is free of heavy metal elements

-Easy operation

Toggle switch, one-button operation is flexible and easy to use

-Easy to clean

Detachable design, clean after flushing, no dirt hidden

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Product Name: DAEWOO Juicer

Item model number: DY-BM05

Rated voltage: 220V-240V


Rated power: 80W

Product Net Weight: 1.3KG

Product size: 135*155*355MM

Line length: 1.2M

No-load speed: 60+10%Rpm


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